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Insolvency Law

A proper defense of the economic interests of the parties affected along the different phases of the insolvency proceedings, both those relating to the insolvent debtor and those relating to the creditors, requires professionals with a high degree of specialization and expertise, not only legal knowledge but also economic and accounting, as well as experts in such fields.

PML Abogados, Grupo Asesor deals with the intervention in insolvency proceedings from a multidisciplinary perspective, in collaboration with and/or participation, if necessary, of economists and auditors, in order to provide the most appropriate response to situations undoubtedly complex and difficult to solve.

PML Abogados, Grupo Asesor offers professional services to take part, among others, in the following cases:

  • Voluntary insolvency: preparation, petition and defense of insolvent debtor.
  • Compulsory insolvency: commencement at the creditor´s request.
  • Lodging of claims, representation and defense of creditors in the proceedings.