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PML Abogados videos

In this section you will find the PML Abogados, Grupo Asesor videos.

We answer, briefly and concisely (in a few minutes), questions based on real cases, both on legal and tax matters, which may affect to a wide range of individuals and companies.

We hope you find them useful.


  • If I receive an inheritance from abroad, do I have to declare it in Spain? What tax obligations do I have? In this video we explain, clearly and concisely, how to liquidate an inheritance received from abroad, the legislation to be taken into account and the deadline to liquidate.




  • In this video, we explain what circumstances must occur before a business succession to be able to apply the 95% reduction in the transmission of shares in companies.

  • Have you ever wondered what the sign TAX FREE in the window of a shop or by the cash register means?

    In this video we will analyse VAT refund for tourists. We will explain who can request a refund, what can be requested, when and how to request it.

  • Reimbursement of actual expenses to cover travels, meals or hotels for an employee should not be considered as income, provided they cover work expenses ant they are duly justified.

    But what documents can prove the reason to exempt these expenses?

    In this video we analyze the requirements that must be taken into account in order to successfully face a tax review of the exempted expenses reimbursed to employees.


  • Can we recover VAT of an unpaid bill? How can we apply for the this VAT?

    In this video we explain in what situations we can apply a VAT refund for unpaid bills.


  • Do you live abroad for employment? You know you could have obligations with the Spanish Tax Authority? In this video we explain, clearly and concisely, what are the tax liabilities of the Spanish employees living abroad.


  • Is it lower the taxation of professional services performed through a Company? What are the tax implications of providing professional services through a Company?
    In this video we look at the pros and cons of doing professional services through Companies.

  • In this video we analyse the tax accrual of professional services, with particular emphasis on the services provided in the last months of the year.

  • Does evidential validity of delivery of the goods the dispatch note? In this video, we analyze the issue of this document in the Courts and ways to supplement their supporting evidence.

  • What are the consequences of lending money to our company? In this video we give the keys in order to perform a loan from the partner to his company, always with the maximum legal guarantees.

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